I Take This Oath anschauen

  • Title: I Take This Oath
  • Release year: 1940
  • Director: Sam Newfield
  • Actors: Gordon Jones, Joyce Compton, Craig Reynolds, J. Farrell MacDonald, Veda Ann Borg, Mary Gordon, Robert Homans, Sam Flint, Guy Usher, Brooks Benedict, Sam Newfield
  • Movie length: 67 min.
  • Movie genres: Crime; Drama

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Yeah, this movie was one of the innovational in 1940. Good soundtrack, good quality.

This motivating movie is created in Drama style, released in 1940.

Mainly this is an excellent film for fans of Veda Ann Borg. It starts pretty fast, does slow up quite bit in middle. Action is excellent although I really didn't like some scenes redundant use of still scenes that was another proof why I put another star but besides that it was pleasant. I Take This Oath I liked really and found it to be simple to follow along with.

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If you love watching Drama films and interested in relaxing with a good film then I Take This Oath would certainly make you excited so much! I Take This Oath film released in year 1940 and the nice acting of such famous actors like Sam Newfield, Gordon Jones, J. Farrell MacDonald makes it great. Just become a lucky witness of all so cool things that could be found in I Take This Oath and you would understand that you have not watched something as cool before. The duration of the film is 67 min. We think that you would get enjoyment from the unforgettable time you spent examining it. I Take This Oath film has a really world-class cast, some very great story. Movie time is 67 min. film is created in Drama genre, produced in mid 1940. So, if you love to see some nice a little bit long action of year 1940 then I Take This Oath is before you! Hope that you 100% will love this show. ;) Like I Take This Oath movie and share with friends.